10 tips to travel light with a carry-on luggage


I’ve spend a lot of time thinking, making luggage, making mistakes, taking to many, at one point I managed to cut the luggage’s from you don’t wanna know but somewhere 50 kg for just a few days to a small trolley for two weeks and having everything I needed. Here below the most important tips to travel light learned in the process:

10 TIPS to travel light

1. Organize: make a list with all the items that you need depending on how many days you stay in vacation and in which type of trip you go: urban, beach, etc.. Put on the list everything that is a MUST to have the luggage: cosmetics, bathing suit’s, sports attire, evening, etc..

2. Don’t pack in the last minute, give yourself enough time: put everything you think you need to pack next to the luggage, on the luggage. Mix and match until you cover all that you need. One evening, two in the city? Club? Theater, etc? The difference betweek a day and a night attire can be made by a pair of heeled sandals, a clutch and some accessories, but to match, the golden rule: Each article must be suitable to be used in at least 3 combinations.

3. Longchamps le pliage: the best travel handbags, extremely versatile: perfect if you go stroll around a city (I used it for tracking as well ) to the beach, shopping, etc, is very light, roomy and you definitely save space, it’s le plaiage :). You can weare it everywere, all you need is a clutch. Along with a big thick shawl is THE must have in any light ”trip”.

4. Use the mini version of the cosmetic and personal care products

5. Take washing powder with you, or find a laundry / cleaning services from hotel or where you travel: it is better than to triple the number of things you will you need.

6. The heaviest and most comfortable outfit on you: sport shoes, comfortable pants, shirt, plus some more, on layers, if you don’t find space in your luggage at one point.

7. Roll the clothes, it will save a lot of space, plus that is a great solution to reduce clothes wrinkle.

8.Pack some stuffs you are not to attached to or you have doubles in your wardrobe: if needed (some shopping for example) you will loose some items without suffering.

9. Don’t bring heavy books with you: take the opportunity to enrich your knowledge of another language, so read magazines, books, etc from the country were you are travelling, or chat more with people, or books on a tablet.

10. Remember: You don’t have to take with you everything you will may or may not need! While some medicine are mandatory if travelling in a country were is shortage of such products, or other – in Europe is NOT the case and so in many others. But beside essentials, you can purchase a towel, some cosmetics, other items at destination and eventually to leave them there, if you do not have room in your luggage, is more simple, comfy and also cheaper than to have another luggage.

Bonus: The maximum emergency solution only if it is a must, if with all the above you still need some more space in your luggage: – the all on your jacket. I was extremely amused to discover in the on board Ryanair (a low cost airline very famous for its strict luggage policy – operates in Europe mainly) an advertisement for a jacket with multiple pockets to help you carry extra 10 kg you. Felt very amused to see an advertisement to a product meant to delude Ryanair crew, or at least let them by passing small teeth, because yes: you can put yourself to any number of things that you want! I personally did not like that jacket simply because it seemed ugly, but you get the idea: a jacket, jacket, jacket with a pocket for mobile, wallet, camera, etc..