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Hi! I’m Mirella, a globetrotter, travel writer, hedonist, fashion lover, with a very active lifestyle.

I traveled in 35 countries and alone in 16:  in Belgium, Cuba, France, India, Italy, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain, UK, Dubai, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Romania, Singapore, Thailand. I love slow travel and to learn as much about people and places.

Trolleypacker is about my passions: travel, adventures, fitness, fashion, lifestyle, with good nutrition, lots of vitamins, prosecco, cocktails and rose wine. I love the best things in life, meaning the friendship, the outdoors and then all the beautiful experiences and places.

So I travel to enjoy places and if a place is so wonderful, will return many times, as in Italy, Greece, Portugal, France. Although I wanna se the whole world, my travels are for pleasure, for fun, adventure and each place will be in my list at the perfect time.

I love art and history and Caravaggio is my favourite painter artist. But I also love Rafael, Veronese, Tiziano and so many others. So in my travel I am interested about culture and museums and history and maybe this is why I come back to Italy so many times.

When I saw the Masters collections, Louis Vuitton, it was a ”coup de foudre”. Rubens MM is absolutely amazing. It is so nice that they brought into attention so many Masterpieces and Genius Artists.

I love to travel with a trolley

Sometimes the passion for trolleys (and fear of heavy backpacks) put me in strange and extreme situations, especially while chasing volcano’s in Indonesia as a solo traveler, but when is everything perfect? Especially when traveling.

So in the blog I will put a lot of advices about what and how to pack, travel tips, about staying fit and healthy on the road.

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