My Henna Self Tanning Experience: How To Do It Yourself At Home

Henna Self Tanning Experience DIY 10

My Henna Self Tanning Experience: these days I just did two sessions and the result is amazing. Is probably the best tank I ever had, very uniform and totally safe. Recently I come to this idea to try henna tanning as it is 100% natural, the healthiest and lasting bronze. Needless to say that I proceeded right away. See how I did it and how my tank looked just one hour after the second procedure.

My Henna Self Tanning Experience: How To Do It Yourself At Home

The products: I used a henna tanning kit from Charme d’Orient, a French company.

First thing first: preparing the skin for the tanning with a peeling

The perfect choice for the henna tanning is the rassoul. I have the Ghassoul with Geranium from Charme d’Orient, is 15 euro a pack that can be used like 10 or more times. 

Ghassoul makes a very delicate peeling and absorbs the impurity from the skin, is a real treat. I do it at home and once I did it in a SPA, where you stay for 40 minutes in a steam room with the rassoul on. It’s heavenly!

DIY at home:

Mix two tablespoons of ghassoul with hot water, mix to obtain a paste and then apply in a thin layer to the whole body, except the eye area. Stay for 10 minutes, then rinse well.

Henna Self Tanning Experience DIY 2
Ghassoul: for peeling before the tanning process to eliminate the dead skin and obtain an uniform result

Next: prepare the henna mix!

The henna tanning kit:

Henna: a natural antiseptic, which contain tannin – the ingredient that is tanning your skin. Tannin has amazing proprieties: fortifies the skin, is astringent and toning.

Tanning lotion: a mix of vegetable oils rich in vitamins and minerals, that prolongs the duration of the bronze and also moisturizes the skin well.

Bitter almonds essence: only optional for the flavor.

DIY: mix 3 spoonfuls of henna with two tablespoons of tanning lotion, a teaspoon of essence and very hot water. Stir until becomes homogeneous. The texture you are looking for is a thin paste. It only took me 5 minutes.

Actually, you may need to do the mix before the peeling,  as you have to wait for about one and a half hours up to 6 hours after you make the mix till you apply the product.

Henna Self Tanning Experience DIY 3
Henna Self Tanning Experience DIY: tanning kit
Henna Self Tanning Experience DIY 4
The texture

Henna Self Tanning Experience DIY 5

Apply the henna tanning mix

Before proceeding to apply the mix, you may need to use a body lotion to hydrate the hands, the knees, the foot paw and the elbows. The skin id dryer here and tends to absorb more ingredients and to be darker than the rest. You don’t have to apply a lot of body lotion, just a little.

The best is to apply the henna mix in the bath tube! Or the shower room. Use disposable gloves, start with the back and then the front. Leave the foot paw, the hands and the face at the end. For these parts is best if you pour some water in the mix to dilute a little. I didn’t do it actually and was still ok, but they advice you to do so.

Leave the palms and the soles henna free.

When you apply the mixture, it is not uniform at all, is similar with the coffee grounds if you ever did a peeling using it. Don’t panic, will be great!

Next: wait

Action time: 10 minutes when first apply. 15-18 maximum the second time. Or the third. I made two sessions already.

Last step: clean and hydrate

Rinse well for about 3-4 minutes, then apply a massage oil, or Shea butter. Yet not in the summer time, as you will sweat and then will have spots.

I used an sweet almond oil. Cannot tell how well my skin feels, totally pampered.

I did this procedure twice at home and then made the pictures below 1 hour after the second henna tanning session. The bronze should last for a month, one month and a half of I will combine with a sun tanning very short session. For me this is great as I love being tanned, I love the sea and the sun yet I am afraid of the collagen damage of the sun, so I use 50+ SPF lotions. 

This is the result and I couldn’t be more content with it. My skin feels wonderful and the color is great!

Henna Self Tanning Experience DIY 8
My Henna Self Tanning Experience DIY: beach day

Henna Self Tanning Experience DIY 6

Henna Self Tanning Experience DIY 9

Henna Self Tanning Experience DIY 10
Henna Self Tanning Experience DIY one hour after
Henna Self Tanning Experience DIY 11
My Henna Self Tanning Experience: one hour after