Packing light Europe summer: tips for 2 weeks with a carry-on luggage

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Packing light Europe summer: all in one carry-on

The list I propose is good for you if you like wandering the streets in an outfit that does not scream ”tourist” at least not all the time, go to the beach, museums, cafes, go out in the evening to a nice restaurant or club. Or a concert. And also enjoy the nature walks. Packing light Europe summer: tips came as this time is easier than ever to travel light but you’ll still need some preparations and THE list.

Summer is coming soon so the summer vacations. 2 times I managed to have beautiful vacations of 2 weeks each, first one in Portugal – Porto , Lisbon, Sintra , Algarve and Barcelona and the second in Pisa – Cinque Terre – Cote d’Azur so Italy and France using the below list I made after long consideration.
Of course it is not a wardrobe to climb mountains, more for urban strolls, but that does not stop me from doing countless hiking in Cinque Terre and in CΓ΄te d’Azur and to be just perfectly equipped for this easy challenging.

I mean not for climbing or steep trails, but for these trails from my point of view there is no need a special mountain equipment , only if you prefer, but I always ended up in a pretty bistro or osteria so I felt great in my outfits.

After carefully study, here is a list with what to pack to keep it light but to be prepared for any occasion as I explained above:

My summer travel list for light travels – packing light in Europe summer:

  • 1 pair of flat sandals or ballerina shoes
    1 pair of high heels sandals like 12 cm to go with all the outfits for the night: black or nude
    sport shoes for the travel
    1 pair of flip flops
  • 1 evening purse – a clutch
    1 Longchamp Le Pliage bag
  • 2 versatile dresses (suitable for both day and night)
    1 romantic maxi dress
    1 casual and a little fluffy
    2 skirts, a sport one and a more elegant one
    1 short
    1 long pants or baggy for the travel
    2 tanks
    1 or two cardigans πŸ™‚
    1 long sleeved loose top
    1 sweatshirt or a hoodie for the travel
    personal hygiene products
    underwear, pajamas, socks
    two more tops that go with almost everything from the baggage
    1 big, versatile shawl, which can be wear on the shoulders in the evening, or if necessary as a maxi skirt, or sarong, or blanket, it it is cold in the plane – the possibilities are endless, I traveled a lot with a shawl took from Tunisia and I am so fund of it
    travel guide: maps you will find on the spot anywhere in Europe and in many other places in the world
    email yourself all the accommodations, flights, etc.
    Emergency pills, depending on where you go, but minimal analgesic aspirin
    2 or 3 belts
    a light towel



As I said, the list is adapted to my style but one can improvise: leggings and loose tops, if you get like, long scarf as a skirt, dress, etc …Β All of the above fit into a cabin luggage, I succeeded twice and soon on the YouTube channel will put the video ”demonstration”.

And of course you can follow the adventures in the I made with the10 kg suitcase each category: Cinque Terre, Cote d’Azur, Portugal, Barcelona.

And for a demo please watch the video:

The Longchamp Le Pliage bag can be used on land and put back in the luggage while boarding.
In Grasse, France
In front of the Monaco casino
In Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Italy

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  1. Very good tips, Mire! I am a serial over-packer, and I need to stop it, so seeing inspirational posts like this really helps! Happy travels!

    1. Thanks, packing is some how a mission to me πŸ˜€ Happy travels to you too and as light as possible

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