Visiting Sao Miguel Island Azores: 10 Reasons to Start Packing Right Now

Visiting Sao Miguel Island Azores 8

Visiting Sao Miguel Island Azores was an overwhelming experience, from the very beginning to the end. This is one place I wish to stay for at least six months as is in my very TOP 5 places.

Sao Miguel island is a fairy: Ireland in the middle of Atlantic. Just imagine looking at a picture perfect The Hobbit landscape and seeing the ocean on both sides! It is possible in the narrowest places of this truly amazing islands.

Oceans of hydrangeas, one of the best food in the world, spotless clean, whales, thermal springs. And the people, the fun, the clean air. Sao Miguel is spotless and one of the best places in the world to go. Carefree.

Sao Miguel is the Green Island of Azores: Ilha Verde

Visiting Sao Miguel Island Azores 3
Visiting Sao Miguel Island Azore: volcano lakes
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Ponta Delcada cops

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My experience

Visiting Sao Miguel Island Azores: 10 Reasons to Start Packing Right Now

Volcano’s and Hiking

I am totally fascinated by the volcano’s. In Sao Miguel island there are several, all of them asleep, yet beautiful. There are many hiking trails that are amazing to do and of so much beauty: volcano lakes, hydrangeas and that green, oh that green from Azores is unbelievable. And the air so fresh!

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Visiting Sao Miguel Island Azores: green island
Visiting Sao Miguel Island Azores 13
Visiting Sao Miguel Island Azores lakes

The Hot Springs

In Sao Miguel there are several Hot Springs with amazing properties. You can drink the waters in many of them, each with different combination of minerals.

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Azores Hot Springs

Wellness: Take a Dip in a Yellow Lake

Take a dip: in the lake of Terra Nostra Park and in the middle of the nature in Caldeira Velha Natural Park. There are natural volcano healing waters and many come here to improve health and to rejuvenate.  

Visiting Sao Miguel Island Azores 4
Terra Nostra Park, Visiting Sao Miguel Island Azores

The Food

The food in Sao Miguel is unique. First think first: Cozido das Furnas, cooked slow in a volcano for about 9 hours. Cozido das Furnas is a stew made from different meats such as chicken, beef, pork, sausages. Plus vegetables: cabbage, carrots, sweet potatoes, kale with no added water or other liquid is added, no spices, just salt.

Then there is the fish: fresh, of all kinds. And the soups, the cheese, the black sausages. Although the beef meat is amazing, Sao Miguel offers plenty of choices for vegetarians as well. They do make corn (boiled) inside the volcano as well. Then there are the daily factories, bio.

Visiting Sao Miguel Island Azores 15
Visiting Sao Miguel Island Azores food: Cozido das Furnas
Visiting Sao Miguel Island Azores 10
Azores cheese

Visit a Pineapple Plantation

Yes, in Sao Miguel you can visit a pineapple plantation. What is unique is that as the climate in Sao Miguel is not the best for the African pineapple, they innovate and grow it in greenhouses, bio.

The fruits come out extremely healthy and faster than in the classical way. See how in the post: visiting Arruda Pineapple Plantation Sao Miguel. And you can visit this factory for free!

Pineapples Plantation Arruda Sao Miguel ananas
Pineapple greenhouse in Sao Miguel

Tea Plantation

Can you believe this? In Sao Miguel there are tea plantation It is the only place in Europe where the tea is cultivated. As the pollution is almost nonexistent and the process making traditional and the factories spotless, the tea quality is high. They make green tea, black and white. Read more here: Azores tea plantation Sao Miguel island: Cha Gorreana

The people from Azores even claim that the Brits took the tea habit from Azores. A Donna married in England brought this with her.


Zodiac Cruises in Atlantic to See Whales and Dolphins

Sao Miguel, as the other islands of Azores, are placed in the middle of Atlantic ocean. So there are plenty things to do and one you cannot miss is a cruise to see whales and dolphins. Then, you can swim with dolphins in the wild. See my experience here: Whales and Dolphins Watching in Sao Miguel Azores Islands

Bicycle and MTB rides, bird watching, canoeing or kayaking. Then geotourism, golf, hiking, horse rides. Then paragliding, scuba diving, surf, yachting.
The short-beaked common dolphins

Ponta Delgada: The Most Cosmopolite City of Azores

Ponta Delgada, the capital of Sao Miguel, is the most lively city in Azores. There are even clubs and a huge promenade with bars, restaurants, clubs. It is the best city for young people to stay in Azores.

There are concerts of some famous DJ’s. Then, there are plenty of other attractions to see, such as churches, convents, all in the beautiful architecture you will find everywhere in Azores. Black and white.

Visiting Sao Miguel Island Azores 12

Visiting Sao Miguel Island Azores 11

Vila Franca do Campo Islet

You know that amazing place where Red Bull competition takes place? It is here, in Sao Miguel and is magnificent.


When I visited Sao Miguel island, in July, there were celebrating. In Azores there are plenty of festivities. What to expect: the 80 Brotherhoods of the Divine Holy Spirit, from the 9 islands of Azores come and participated each with its allegorical car, songs, cows, bulls, in the procession.

They all gave wine, beer, juices and food to the people on the streets. What I loved most was thatall the generations were involved, bounding all together. With the visitors as well. It is nice to remember the close bound of the family, the community, the generosity.

Visiting Sao Miguel Island Azores 7

Traveling to Sao Miguel island

By plane: TAP Portugal and SATA Air Acores, have regular flights between Lisbon or Porto and Sao Miguel. Ryanair also introduced flights between Lisbon and Porto (Portugal), UK: London Stansted and Germany: Frankfurt Hahn.

There are also charters in the summer, from US, Canada etc.

By ferry: between May and October. The journey takes long hours, it is to take in consideration only if you travel with your car.

Travel inside the island:

Public transportation within Sao Miguel is clean, cheap and reliable. There are buses to connect all the cities.

Rent a car, take a cab.

About Sao Miguel island

Azores is one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal and part of European Union.

The official language is Portuguese, yet people do speak English very good and many also french or German languages.

Stay: Royal Garden Hotel in Ponta Delgada.