A Day Visiting Brescia, One Of Italy’s Best Kept Secrets

Rotunda day visiting Brescia Piazza Paolo IV Square duomo 2

All Italy’s is in Brescia – I do not remember where I have heard this. Yet it suites perfect to one of the most glamorous cities of Italy. While its historical sites place Brescia among the”must see” places in Italy, there is so much more. If you love Italy’s dolce vita Brescia is the city to visit. I’ve spent an amazing day visiting Brescia and look how many things you can see and do!

Visiting Brescia I was astonished by the city’s unspoiled beauty. Brescia is a rich industrial city not very touristic. Although the city is perfectly prepared for tourists and is very easy going, is not a mass tourism destination. And this came with a huge plus, as you will have the chance to see the real Italian way of life.

a day in Brescia
A day in Brescia: wandering the streets

How long should you stay in Brescia?

Well, depends, as long as you can! The city is a great choice for a beautiful city-break. The food is amazing and many dishes unique. The bars are vey posh and glamorous. And is a great place for shopping! You will see what the ”siesta time” looks like, with the restaurants and terraces full of one of the best dressed people you will ever see. Mens in perfect cut suites, women so stylish and glam. A perfect place to enjoy life.

Yet, if you are in vacation in Milan, Bergamo or in Lake Garda or Lake Iseo, you can visit Brescia for a day, is really easy to reach the city by public transportation. And a day is enough to visit the old center and the historical sighs, to stop for a coffee, then for lunch, to wonder the streets and do some shopping.

a day in brescia
I love this city!

And here’s some ideas for

A Day Visiting Brescia, One Of Italy’s Best Kept Secrets

Long walk in Brescia: the city is so beautiful as it well worth to get lost on the streets! Some places will remind you of Venice, others from Rome, Cinque Terre and so much more. It is no wonder they say you can see all Italy in Brescia! The city is best explored by feet! See how:

Take a walk to visit Brescia’s main sigts: start from Piazza della Loggia, from there straight to Piazza Paolo IV (or Piazza del Duomo) then take the Via dei Musei till you reach Piazza del Fuoro and then continue to Via dei Musei till the Castello di Brescia.

Then, it is time to take lunch in one of the beautiful squares (I recommend Piazza della Loggia or Piazza Paolo IV).  You can also take a walk in Victoria Square, which is very modern and do some shopping in Corso Palestra or Corso Zanardelli.

Tourist attractions in Brescia

If you love history, you will absolutely love this city! Brescia has a Roman forum, lots of museums and a rich history. The first settlements discovered here are from 1200 BC.

Piazza della Loggia

Piazza della Loggia is one of the most beautiful Italian squares. Town Hall (Loggia), built between 15-17 centuries, 15th centuries colonnades and many palaces, among them the Venetian Monte di Pieta.

day visiting Brescia Piazza della Loggia square attractions
Piazza della Loggia – in front of The Town Hall Palace
day visiting Brescia Piazza della Loggia square attractions 7
There are beautiful teraces in Piazza della Loggia
day visiting Brescia Piazza della Loggia square attractions 1
Piazza della Loggia – The clock is from 1581

Piazza Paolo IV – Piazza del Duomo

The Old Cathedral – Duomo Vecchio, or La Rotonda, 11th century church, built on the remains of an older basilica. Is a beautiful Romanesque church that can be visited.

The New Cathedral – Duomo Nuovo – right near the Duomo Vecchio, in Piazza Paolo IV – or Piazza del Duomo. The facade and the interior are wonderful.

The Old Town Hall, Broletto – 12th century.

If you stay longer than a day: go to Theatro Grande, 18th century, for a concert, ballet, opera spectacle.

Rotunda day visiting Brescia Piazza Paolo IV Square duomo 2
Il Duomo Nuovo and Broletto
Rotonda, il Duomo Vecchio
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The locals in Brescia are really awesome: many saved directions and lots of information and the group on the new Cathedral steps were cheering as I was making pictures with the timer!
 day visiting Brescia Piazza Paolo IV Square duomo 3 5
I love Italian bars and all have also huge fridges full of Prosecco and Champagnes!

 day visiting Brescia Piazza Paolo IV Square duomo 3

Piazza del Fuoro

Foro Romano – has the best-preserved Roman buildings in the North of Italy. The Roman Forum was the place where everything happened in Roman times. These days, we can admire the ruins of: the Capitolium, built in 73 AD, the Republican Sanctuary, 1st century BC and The Roman Theatre – 86 meters diameter, was the largest theatre in the north part of Italy, it capacity being of 15 000 places.

A beautiful 16 centuries palace can be admired now, built on the western ruins of the Roman Theatre: Palazzo Maggi Gambara.

day visiting brescia Piazza del Fuoro roman forum capitoli 2
day visiting brescia Piazza del Fuoro roman forum capitoli 1
A day in Brescia: Roman Forum
day visiting brescia Piazza del Fuoro roman forum capitolium
Roman Forum

Castello di Brescia

Brescia Castle is a fortified 13 century castle, one of the biggest in Italy, that belonged to Visconti family. Inside there is the Museum of Ancient Arms – arms and armors from the 13-15 centuries, the Risorgimento Museum and an astronomical observatory.

Art Gallery

Pinaccoteca Tosco Martinengo – the Art Gallery, that hosts lots of wonderful works of Raphael, Giovanni Gerolamo Savoldo, Girolamo Romanian, Alessandro Moretto and so many more. Closed now (some works are in Museo di Santa Giulia) will be reopened in March 2018 in Martinengo Da Barco Palace.

And then there are so many other attractions, like Basilica of San Salvatore – built in 753 AD or Santa Maria dei Miracle. Visit Brescia Musei web page, to see all the places you can visit in Brescia.

Also, you have to know that there are lots of Tourist Information Centers, in the train station, in the city center (near Piaza del Duomo) and in many villages from Lake Garda, including Sirmione! See here the complete list of the offices, you can take free maps and learn everything there is in the city during your stay!

Piazza della Victoria

Piazza della Victoria is an amazing square, with Italian Art Deco architecture.

a day visiting brescia walking

square victoria day brescia
Victoy Square
a day in brescia tourism streets
Walking around the old center
Beautiful Brescia

Good to know:

According to the mythology, the city was founded either by Hercule, or Altilia, or the King Cidnus! There are many stories surrounding Brescia’s origin.

Leonessa d’Italia  – Brescia is Italy’s industrial capital. Lots of big companies have the Headquarters in here, like many in metallurgy. Also, here are made the Beretta pistols!

Brescia – a heaven for foodies – Brescia is the Italian house of caviar! And here you will find lots of local dishes, like casoncelli – homemade tortellini with beef meat, butter and parmesan cheese. Or slow-cooked pork dishes. The cuisine had influences from Germany so it is a interesting mix that you may want to try!

Accommodation – In the old center there are more apartments than hotels, yet very good quality and excellent rated.

Hope you have a wonderful time reading this article and found inspiration for your journey!