Cayo Levisa Cuba Solo Female Traveler, a Girl And The Island

Solo Female Traveler Caio Lebvisa island Cuba 10

I don’t remember what made me chose Cayo Levisa, a tiny island in Cuba as a  Solo Female Traveler. Yet was a perfect getaway after some hectic days in Havana, followed by a party even crazier in Vinales. Have a look at this little paradise and you may find it interesting for a break. Party like a […]

Maria la Gorda Resort in Guanahacabibes Peninsula, Cuba’s westernmost point

The second day I’ve spent in Vinales at Hotel Los Jazmines started really early, being piked up somewhere around 7:30. Our final target for the day was Maria la Gorda, an Eco-touristic resort situated in Cuba’s westernmost point, the National Park Guanahacabibes Peninsula (in the open waters of Mexico Gulf, in Guanahacabibes Bay / Bahia […]

Let me introduce myself… Cuba I: tips & tricks, trip preparation and first impressions

Cuba was my fairy destination. My dreams about the Patria were surrounded in a sweet and warm air, a pleasant lassitude, salsa rhythms, dance, dance, cigars and rum. Plus 40′ and 50′ Chevrolet cars and people who enjoy life: a little idealistic and muy caliente, gorgeous women and macho men. Only a friend of mine […]