Kerala Food And Drinks: From 5 Stars Resorts To Street Treats

One of the first questions someone asks when I am speaking of Kerala, India, is: what have you ate in there? Luckily, I’ve tried them all, or a large portion of the available options, traveling from Trivandrum în Wayanad and back. Passing Cochin, Kozhikode, Kovalam, Marari, Munnar, Western Ghats, Backwaters and other beautiful places.Kerala Food […]

Eating Banana Leaf Sadya + Ritual, Kerala’s Dim Sum in Wayanad

Kerala may be the Land of Gods, with beautiful scenery and landscapes, but even the Gods have to eat. Banana leaf Sadya is served upon a ritual that it is regarded with much consideration. You get to eat almost all Kerala’s special dishes, but in small portions and upon a well established ritual. This made me […]

Western Ghats Kerala Camping & Trekking

Western Ghats Kerala Camping adventure: a wonderful experience, as you have it all: nature, camp fire, beds, hot showers and so on. I mean,  you know you are pampered, when while trekking, you have a lunch break prepared by very nice and smiling staff. Buffet, with hot dishes, plates, dessert, coffee, water supply, chairs. And then […]

Xandari Pearl Resort Mararikulam, Kerala, Perfect Honeymoon Destination

Xandari Pearl Resort Mararikulam (meaning Marari beach) in Kerala, India, is my absolutely favorite resort, in all I’ve seen or stayed in Kerala and there were quite a few, I stayed at 16 hotels only and saw around 33 in my KBE adventure and after, one month getaway. I stayed alone in one vila hi […]