Visiting Terceira Island Azores: 10 Reasons To Start Packing Right Now

Visiting Terceira Island Azores 8

Lila island is the first island of Azores Archipelago I’ve seen. Visiting Terceira Island Azores I was amazed at a glance, as it was not the island one would of expect to see in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Moreover, I was fascinated about the hydrangeas, nature’s beauty, cuisine, quality of actually all, architecture, […]

Why You Should Choose Terceira Island Golf Course in Azores

Terceira island Golf Course Hydrageneas

Terceira island Golf Course is a real gem in the middle of Atlantic ocean, between Europe and North America. It is one of the 9 islands that from Azores archipelago and an year round destination. Being one of the healthiest places on Earth, is perfect for families and for nature lovers. Moreover, Terceira is not a tourism […]

Enjoy Alcatra Portuguese in Azores at Adega Lusitania, Angra do Heroismo, Terceira

Forget about eating only fish, green vegetables and light sea food while in Azores islands. There are plenty and so tasty, but here there are other dishes to be enjoyed. Like Alcatra, or others with different types of meat. And oh, the beef here is amazing, one of the best I ever had. And Terceira is […]

The natural lava pools from Biscoitos, Terceira Island, Azores

Natural lava pools from Biscoitos, Terceira island Azores

The Natural lava pools from Biscoitos, Azore islands, Atlantic are amazing Biscoitos, the little town on the north coast was my main point of interest in Terceira. Especially for the natural pools made by the volcano eruption in the past and by the volcanic lava, when arrived at the Atlantic shore. Bonus: they also produce […]