Loosing Weight With YIC Probiotic Vegan Protein At Home Or Traveling

Loosing Weight with YIC Probiotic Vegan Protein travelling g home

It is been a while since I am using  YIC Probiotic Vegan Protein. And it helped me loose weight while being super sedentary! So if you are in search for a multipurpose vegetal protein of high quality, look no further! See how you can loose weight with YIC and why it is such a great choice when you are at home or traveling.

Being a travel blogger, I alternate between times when I am hyper active and on the road and times when I stay at home. Literally I have months when I just stay all day on my couch or at desk and if I travel will be for a few days here and there.

And then there are times when I am the roads non stop. These are my favourites in terms of being active as I always loose weight when traveling. Or at least don’t add on.

Then, I am always pack on weight when at home. So I am some sort of Yoyo travel related: travel (long time) loose weight, home base – put on weight. But this time, after almost 5 months I ve spent in Greece, practically the whole summer season, I didn’t repeat the pattern. I refused to put on weight again and using YIC helped me not only stay in shape but actually loose almost 5 pounds, 2 kilos in about a month.

Loosing Weight with YIC Probiotic Vegan Protein travelling g home

Disclaimer: I am not yet a nutritionist or doctor, I am just very passionate about nutrition and fitness and try a lot of things to stay in shape as a foodie. Here I share tips from my own experience.

I am using YIC for 2 months already. See below how you can use it to achieve your weight goals, either to keep fit or to loose weight and why I like it so much

5 ways to use YIC Probiotic Vegan Protein:

1. Use YIC like the pre-workout meal

Working out after taking YIC is awesome as it gives all the energy and strength you needed. I like to work out with an empty stomach, because if I still digest food will be very uncomfortable and sometimes I even gave up. But not being hungry as I cannot concentrate. YIC is light and filling and just great.

In addition I ve noticed that I do sweat more. And didn’t matter what kind of exercise I do: cardio, strength, strength cardio, or Ballet Beautiful video (I am such a fan of Mary Helen Bowers videos).  I feel like I am burning more calories. Which makes sense as the product contains L Carnitine, that supports the FAT BURNING.

2 Use YIC for your protein intake

YIC has all the essential amino acids for muscles development. We know that you need protein in order to grow muscles and to mention them, otherwise will burn muscles instead of fat. So you need protein and sometimes can be difficult to eat the right amount. Using YIC as a base in your green smoothies or just combine with water will help achieve the goals.
Simple dessert smoothie/pre-workout meal idea: mix in a blender a whole apple, a scoop of YIC, the juice (fresh pressed) of two other apples and some cinnamon. It is a great dessert and with only two ingredients that will give you energy and will be very easy to digest. I love working out after this treat!

YIC is good for vegetarians and vegans too!

3. Use YIC to loose weight – like a meal replacement

Using YIC for one meal replacement or even two. My advice goes for one meal replacement, you can use it for two but is kind of extreme I don’t necessarily recommend unless you wanna loose a lot of fat in a short amount of time.
So the product is probiotic, has all the vitamins and proteins and amino acids and will keep you full and it will burn a lot of fat too. So without doing any other changing in you diet, you will loose weight very simple and easy. You can have the normal breakfast and dinner and just replace lunch. Or replace breakfast, is up to you. While traveling or hiking, lunch will be great to replace to save time also.
This – meal replacement –  is the main purpose of the product along with being a good protein source.

4. Use YIC while traveling

Especially in long time travelling, is not always easy to find a meal with all the necessary nutrients. So is a very good idea to have a protein shake/day. I always have a protein powder while traveling and have it especially before hiking or swimming, when I need strength and energy. Sometimes I combine with a banana for the carbs, or other fruit.

YIC can be used at its own without anything else. Or to eat also a fruit (I love fruits). And you will burn more fat than usually which is great too.

5. Use YIC to ”save” calories to indulge and avoid to gain weight

So this is my favourite. And one of my ”stay in shape” while traveling and super indulge tips. I replace a meal with a shake and the calories savings for the day I use to eat more for dinner.
Or late lunch or whatever, as when I am traveling cannot keep a regular meals time. Basically most of the time I will have a nice breakfast + healthy snacks, a meal replacement and a super indulge meal every day!
This is one of the secrets of how I do not put fat and also eating pizzas and pasta and burghers and fried calamari with chips and beer and so many other delicious treats.
This works amazing for me as I don’t get frustrated, as I eat whatever I want and keep healthy and energised and meet the protein intake necessary to keep my muscles and burn more fat so that’s it.

What I love at YIC Probiotic Vegan Protein Meal Replacement

The taste is great

YIC is balanced as taste and has no added flavours. I don’t like the super sweet things and this works perfect for me as I like the taste simple (YIC+water) or combined with fruits, or vegetables or fruits+vegetables. I love it plain or in my smoothies.

It blends very easy

Mix YIC + water in any shaker professional or not. You can mix it in a jar with a lid. I even used my coffee thermos couple of times and was great.

Has the German Serr Gutt certifications

YIC has natural plants ingredients and the German certification Serr Gutt, which is one of the best and reputable in the world. What does this mean? That you are 100% sure that the product is what is on its label, so you get what pay for and for me this is very important when choosing vitamins and supplements or super foods or cosmetics.

Its formula

L Carnitine for fat burning, all the amino acids for muscles, the protein, it makes a great meal replacement.

It fills me and is good for digestion

Using YIC I fell  full and stop craving for food, due to the sojaprotein Isolat that gives satiety. And I have a lot of energy too. The Hochdosierte bacteria and herbal probiotic fibre material dextrin (prebiotics) are good to help regulate the digestion.

Hope you liked this presentation, I will make also a video these days to add to my Youtube channel and will come back with tips to stay in shape while traveling and also to indulge. My favourite is the most obvious: exploring the places by foot.

If you like the YIC Probiotic Vegan Protein you can check it here on Amazon and cannot wait to hear what are your favourite hacks to stay in shape while traveling, but mostly at home.

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