5 Reasons to Visit The Ski And Snowboard Resort Poiana Brasov Romania

Ski And Snowboard Resort Poiana Brasov transylvania romania35 slopes 2 winter

You are in search for lots of snow, endless slopes, incredible landscapes, history and also a very good budget choice? Look no further, Poiana Brașov in Transylvania is the place to check. Where to stay, how to reach and everything you need to know about the slopes, prices and places in this mini guide about the Ski and Snowboard Resort Poiana Brasov.

In the middle of the Romanian Carpathian mountains. Poiana Brașov is close to Dracula’s castle, to Brașov city itself and Sighișoara, two of the most beautiful medieval settlements in Europe. But don’t you worry, you can have the perfect ski and snowboard vacation in here, with apres-ski parties and lots of mulled wine. Or to go pub crawling and shopping in Brașov city.

While enjoying the slopes you can take daily trips to see Dracula’s castle, or some of the oldest and best preserved medieval settlements and fortified churches in Europe

5 Reasons to Visit The Ski And Snowboard Resort Poiana Brasov Romania

The landscapes are magnificent

Poiana Brașov is dreamy. Absolutely dreamy. High fir trees covered with snow, beautiful chalets and hotels, a frozen lake and snow everywhere. You will enjoy to just relax and look around and the views are beautiful everywhere you lay your eyes on.

And did I mentioned that the whole journey to Poiana Brașov is amazing, from the moment you enter the mountains? Be it by train, couch or personal car, the road is incredible so keep your camera close, you will feel the need to take a picture every other second.

Ski And Snowboard Resort Poiana Brasov transylvania romania winter 12

Ski And Snowboard Resort Poiana Brasov transylvania romania winter 11

Ski And Snowboard Resort Poiana Brasov transylvania romania35 slopes 2 winter

Ski and Snowboard Slopes Suited For Everybody

The slopes in Poiana Brasov are great for beginners, intermediate and advanced alike.

Lupului Slope – difficult – Length: 2605 m, 28 m medium width, departure/arrival altitude: 1703 – 975 meters.
Sulinar – medium difficulty – Length: 2820 m, 35 m medium width, departure/arrival altitude: 1705 – 1070.
Drumul Roșu – medium-easy. Length: 4752 m, 22 m medium width, departure/arrival altitude: 1765 – 1050.
Subteleferic – difficult. Length: 2200 m, 35 m medium width, departure/arrival altitude: 1700 -1050.
Kanzel – difficult. Length: 297 m, 50 m medium width, departure/arrival altitude:  1760 – 1651. Total length, 814.
Bradul – easy. Length: 430 m, 70 m medium width, departure/arrival altitude: 1106 – 1035.
Station – easy. Length 612 m, medium width 50 m, departure/arrival altitude: 1040 – 1010.
Ruia and Slalom Poiana slopes.

Cable cars: Capra Neagră, Kanzel, Express, Bradul, Ruia, Subteleferic, Stadion, Lupului, Ruia. 

Poiana Brasov is a very budget friendly Ski and Snowboard resort

There are many sky pass available:

For a day, 2,3,4,5,6. From 33 to 123 euro for adults, up to 50% discounts for kids. Then there are available on points, that can be spent as you wish. All the passes are available to purchase at the cable car station.

Rent equipment: The price to rent a full equipment for a day is 11 for ski and 13 for snowboard, with an additional 2,2 euro/day for a helmet.

Ski and snowboard lessons: starting from 22 hours the private lesson for a person/hour with discounts for groups. There are many available and the instructors are very good and most of them are English speakers.

Ski And Snowboard Resort Poiana Brasov transylvania romania35 slopes 2 winter 8
Cable car Ski And Snowboard Resort Poiana Brasov

Many activities and sights in the area

While in Poiana Brașov, you can also party in one of the clubs from the resort or to go down in Brașov city. Then, you can take a horseback riding, or you can learn how to ride a horse. Then, you can go to relax after the day in a pool, jacuzzi, sauna, or to play billiard, to go to the casino and so many more activities. There is a kindergarten and the personnel speaks English.

Club Rossignol thrown a lot of acres-ski parties during the high season.

Then, you can explore the surroundings:

Brașov city – a 25 minutes ride by bus, Brașov is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania, with a very homogeneous old centre than can be explored by foot in less than a day. You can se the Back Church, the defending towers, one of the narrowest streets in Europe Strada Sforii and so many other beautiful attractions. The old centre is vibrant and full of beautiful bars, bistros and restaurants.

Sighișoara – a fortified medieval city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site one of the best preserved medieval citadels in the world. It is inhabited ever since the 12th century.  The Clock Tower (1360), the Monastery Church – built in 1291 by the Dominican Order and the Church on the Hill, the Weapon Museum, the Covered Staircase (“Scara Şcolarilor”) – an old stone staircase with a wooden roof along the whole span. This leads up to the Church on the Hill, the cemetery and the Joseph Haltrich High School (a.k.a. “School from the Hill”) and Vlad Dracul House, the alleged house where Vlad The Impeller was born.

Bran Castle – known as Dracula’s castle is 24 kilometres away of Poiana Brașov and you can go there with public transportation as well as by car.

Fortified churches and citadels – there are some very beautiful medieval citadels and fortified churches close by. Rasnov citadel, Prejmer and Harman, Sanpetru are just a few of the gems close by Poiana Brasov that you can visit. They are very well preserved, like in the old times.

The food is great 

The traditional Romanian food is so tasty! And in Poiana Brasov there are many traditional restaurants where you can enjoy natural and very caloric dishes.

Though, Poiana is not a heaven for vegetarians or vegans, although there are some options (salats and vegetable soups fries and some side dishes). If you are vegetarian you should either prepare your own food and choose a chalet, or to go in Brașov city for a treat.

romanian traditional food poiana brasov
Romanian Bulz

Se bellow where to stay, eat and how to reach Poiana Brasov

Where to stay:

Hotel Royal Boutique – for the best view with the slopes and the Miorita lake. It is a three stars hotels, yet the renovated rooms have 4 star facilities and is a great choice to have a relaxed vacation.

Ski And Snowboard Resort Poiana Brasov transylvania romania winter
A room with a view at Royal Boutique Hotel

Where To Eat

Club Rossignol – right in front of the cable station and boarding the slopes, it is a  perfect choice for brunch, lunch or dinner in your ski or snowboard outfit. Is the perfect place to chill and have hot soup or a cup of mulled wine. There are no many choices of food but everything is very tasty and also here you will find the lowest prices. You can have a drink outside overlooking the slopes. I love this place!

Ski And Snowboard Resort Poiana Brasov transylvania romania winter 3
Sunset magic
Club Rossignol Poiana Brasov Romania
I love Rossignol club

Cabana Postavaru – it is more than a restaurant, is a beautiful chalet high in the mountains. The food is home made and delicious, the views amazing. You got to stop at least once in here, for lunch. Get the cable car and then walk a little (just a few minutes) to reach the place. More information in here in English.

Vânătorul – meaning The Hunter. The title pretty much say it all. Considered the best restaurant in Poiana Brașov, you will find a lot of traditional and hunting dishes, including deer, bear, wild boar and flambé mixtures or deer carpaccio and so much more.

Sura Dacilor – Romanian traditional restaurant of high quality. They also have a lot of hunting specialities, very fresh and of high quality. Sometimes there is music. The venue itself is beautiful. Try: the bulz: polenta with local cheese and poached egg and two types of meat.

Coliba Haiducilor romanian traditional restaurant.

Capra Neagra a complex of venues, with a pub, a club and two restaurants. The cuisine is the same, the atmosphere different. Traditional and international cuisine.

Stâna turistica / Tourst sheepfold – sheepfold restaurant, tasty and unique.
Miorita – traditional restaurant.

How to reach Poiana Brasov

In order to reach Poiana Brasov you have to reach Brasov city, by train or transfer from one of the airports.

Flights: The closest airport is Bucharest which is well connected to Brasov city and Poiana Brasov. Other airports close by are Sibiu and Targu Mureș, yet there are few routes and not so many transfer options. The prices from the airport to Brasov will be around 17 euro.

Once in Brasov, you can use the public transportation or taxi to get to Poiana Brasov.

From the train station: bus no 4 to Livada Postei station. This is in the old centre. From here you take bus no. 20 to Poiana Brasov. The tickets must be purchased from the train station or the vending machines. Price for return tickets from the train station to Poiana Brasov: 3 euro.

UBER: around 10 euro. TAXI: official with meter will be 15 euro as they will charge most of them double, to cover the round trip as for them to return to the city or arrive in Poiana.

Information Center

The Information Centre is in the bus station in Poiana Brasov (it is just one bus station). They have free maps of Poiana Brasov and the slopes, of Brasov, guides of Brasov city and many information and leaflets about all the leisure activities and tours you can do while in here.

Ski And Snowboard Resort Poiana Brasov transylvania romania winter information centre
Tourist Info Centre Poiana Brasov Romania