Vorarlberg Summer Itinerary For One Week

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Vorarlberg Summer Itinerary For One Week

Vorarlberg has a very privileged position in the Alps, with a a very diversified relief. And many wonders that you will enjoy it in the winter with lots of snow and also in the summer when it is so green and fresh. See my summer itinerary for one week and why the second tiniest Austrian state is the perfect place to charge your batteries connecting with the nature. Or visit a spotless capital and attend local festivals.

Vorarlberg Summer Itinerary For One Week

Two days in Bregenz!

Bregenz Vorarlberg Top Experiences attractions to do 21
Herz Jesu Kirche church
Bregenz Vorarlberg Top Experiences attractions to do 20
Admiring Bergen from the hotel’s balcony
Bregenz Vorarlberg Top Experiences attractions to do 1
Bregenz Vorarlberg Top Experiences: Pfänder Mountain there countries view
Bregenz Vorarlberg Top Experiences attractions to do 2
Bregenz Vorarlberg Top Experiences: Bregenz Festival

Bregenz is the capital city of Vorarlberg and a nice city-break destination. If you love an elegant city with plenty possibilities to escape in nature, this is the place to crash. For at least two nights!

Although you may want to prolong your stay, in 48 hours you can do so many various things! Like cruising on Lake Constance shore, or take the cable car to the Pfander mountain to enjoy the there states panorama. Yes, from above you can see how Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein met.

Then, you can attend the Bregenz Festival, along with other 200 000 opera lovers from around the world. The festival takes place during one month in the summer and you can check the information here. 

You can hike of course for an hour or more every day or you can swim or do other water sports. In the city! Then there are museums, beautiful historic churches, a wonderful promenade. And on top of that, very good restaurants!

Hotels in Bregenz

There are plenty accommodation options to stay in Bregenz! We had a wonderful time at the Hotel Garni Bodensee,  that has a great position to explore the city by foot and it spotless and so cozy!

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Two days in Bregenz Forest

Hiking Bregenz Forest Vorarlberg Austria best Käsespätzle
Jagdgasthaus Egender Inn

Hiking Bregenz Forest Vorarlberg Austria best Käsespätzle 8


Best Käsespätzle Schönbach and the InnJagdgasthaus Egender
Best Käsespätzle in Vorarlberg
Activitis Visiting Bregenz Forest Vorarlberg 5
Bregenz Forest paragliding

After a city experience, it is the time to enter deep in the mountains. Bregenz Forest is the place to learn about traditions, about crafts, about local produce. And also to hike, of course!

There are endless trails in Bregenz Forest, for everybody and for mountain bikers as well. You can do paragliding alone other many enthusiasts! And you can hike to eat the best Käsespätzle in Vorarlberg, in a digital detox perfect Alpine village!

We talked the cable car from Egg and hiked from Baumgarten in an Easy panorama Trail (but there were others). Enjoyed the views and the food! Then went visiting Ingo Metzler bio cosmetics and diary factories and Susanne Kaufmann showroom in Bezau.

I also enjoyed very much having lunch at Werkraumhaus, the  Bregenzerwald Association house. Here is the gathering place of the 90 craftsmen that are part of the Association. And there are a lot of events and exhibitions and is the place to learn about traditions, wood and innovation.

And if you love classical music, you may wanna check Schubertiade , the biggest Schubert Music Festival in the world, that takes place in Schwarzenberg village, also in the summer!

Stay in Bregenz Forest

Jagdgasthaus Egender Inn in Schönbach village, a perfect Alpine little paradise. This place is incredible: the inn, which is beautiful and traditional and modern and you don’t wanna leave it! The food is glorious and you will for sure totally relax in here!

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Two days in Biosphere Reserve Grosses Walsertal

Gasthof Krone in Biosphärenpark Grosses Walsertal Vorarlberg14 hotel 2
In front of Gasthof Krone there are lots of trail choices
We met all these people at Gasthof Krone at breakfast and then in the evening
rooms accomodation sonntag Gasthof Krone in Biosphärenpark Grosses Walsertal Vorarlberg view
Yes, this was also our view at rooms accomodation sonntag Gasthof Krone, as we were on one side of the building, quite awesome
Culinary Hike in Grosses Walsertal Vorarlberg Steris Alpe 3
Steris Alpe

Part of the Alpenregion Bludenz, the Biosphere Reserve Grosses Walsertal is a place you don’t wanna miss while in Vorarlberg! It is a heaven for hiking, traditional food, traditional inns, traditions generally!

Biosphere Park Grosses Walsertal is awarded by UNESCO and the destination received countless awards. The characteristic of Biosphere reserves are that  man interact with nature without damaging. Grosses Walsertal is one of the most admired regions in the world, a global model for sustainable living and farming.

And the tap water is the purest of them all. Well, actually in Vorarlberg generally the quality of the water is very high and tap water is perfectly safe to drink.

Furthermore, there is a lot organic food, with produce from the area which taste amazing. And the landscapes leave you breathless!

We hiked in a culinary trail, but there are so many hundreds of kilometres of hiking trails you can choose from. And cable cars and

Do from the cable-car Sonntag- Stein:

Acoustic trail and cook your own pizza up in the Alps!

Get your own pizza at lower station, take the cable-car Sonntag-Stein. Then, hike through Klangraum Stein: an  acoustic trail which deals with nature and its acoustic landscape and you are accompanied by acoustic installations! 40 minutes later  you’ll arrive at the roofed barbecue area and you can cook your own pizza! And hike further! See here more information about this acoustic trail!

Sommerkulinarium – culinary hike!

This will take you to hike your way to breakfast, lunch and desert . See here more details about the Sommerkulinarium Sonntag-Stein.

You take the cable-car ride up to Sonntag-Stein, then hike to Steris Alpe and other stations for each of the meals. The landscape is amazing, food is great and the hike about 4 hours just the hiking. So I recommend to take a day as for sure you will want to stay longer in each station. And you will have so many places that will require stops for pictures and admiring the view. 

We also visited the Grosses Walsertal Museum in Sonntag and attend to a local fest. Actually to a few events that took place while we stayed in Krone Gasthaus Sonntag, a very traditional inn, but recently fully renovated.

And also went hiking to Bad Rothenbrunnen, a historic inn placed in the middle of the nature. And very famous for the apple cakes! You cn reach here hiking from the acoustic trail, the Klangraum Stein. 

You can also visit the Lüner lake, near the Bludenz city that is pretty close!

Festivals: once at two years, there is the cultural festival Walser Herbst, three weeks of literature, workshops, film, music, theatre and exhibition.

Stay in Grosses Walsertal:

While in Grosses Walsertal, I have spent three nights in Gasthof Krone in Sonntag municipality. The Biosphärenpark building is in Sonntag, so a cable car station and the Grosses Walsertal museum. I loved the place and the incredible view and the fact that it is the IT place to go out for locals.

And the food is crazy good and natural and there are plenty of options. It was difficult to leave this place!

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Arriving in Vorarlberg

Close by airports: Munich, Zurich and Innsbruck. The closest is Munich and you can arrive by train or bus or car (great rental car services).

The public transportation in Vorarlberg is great! And very reliable and in time, yet with a car you can be 100% flexible. The people are very civilised in traffic so no hassle here. None what so ever, even if in the summer a lot of bikers cross the  state.

Weather: in the summer the air is fresh yet sometimes is so hot, like 30 Celsius degrees in June! Yet out of the blue sometimes rains. Well, it is not quite out of the blue as in the free Vorarlberg App you can check the weather and plan accordingly. Nevertheless, in the summer the rain are short, not heavy and warm and the air so pleasant right after! People do hike no matter the weather just to pack the right gear! Coming soon, packing list for a summer in Vorarlberg, probably my last article about this destination I feel so found of!

#myvorarlberg <3 

Hiking Bregenz Forest Vorarlberg Austria best Käsespätzle 16

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