Winter off-road safari Romania, Baiului Mountains a Great Adventure

Do you dream at a winter off-road safari Romania, Baiului Mountains? Why should you? Because one of the highlights of Romania are the mountains. Many, majesties, never ending. Beautiful year round, but fairy during winter times, with high fir trees covered with snow. As I was lucky enough to have a wonderful adventure covered with snow, I wanna share with you the lovely experience:

Winter off-road safari Romania, Baiului Mountains

Any off-road adventure in Romania is dreamy, but in the winter times, it will be a total fairy tail. Therefore, our winter story I am about to tell is an All Inclusive one. Since, it has the whole cocktail: mountains, snow, deep valleys, high trees and strong cars.

Plus a traditional lunch, incredible tasty in a sheepfold located on the peak, surrounded by some real funny, huge and loving shepherd dogs.

Winter off-road safari Romania
Up in the mountains, with the shepherds and some mulled wine we were welcomed with

Our 4*4 off-road adventure begins

We embarked in a few jeeps and hit the road. The path was narrow and quite close to the border. I mean we were a meter away of the abyss. But as we had Adrian, an amazingly skillful driver, so our journey was totally safe. Actually I enjoyed the whole trip to the fullest and laugh all the way.

Winter off-road safari Romania
Winter off-road safari Romania: the road
Winter off-road safari Romania
Romanian bulz
Winter off-road safari Romania
Winter off-road safari Romania: we were a group of 3 cars
Winter off-road safari Romania
Winter off-road safari Romania: lovely landscapes

Our level of adrenaline was climbing as we went up on the packs  and it was just perfect 

After about an hour, we had to leave our cars as the road was blocked and fortunately we were brought up by another car, that belonged to the Sheepfold owners. Therefore, thy embarked us in a Aro M461, a very old car (made in 1969) that still rocks! As the owner said: this car will leave forever!

At one point the road was blocked
Winter off-road safari Romania: waiting for the alternative transportation
Winter off-road safari Romania Aro M 461
Winter off-road safari Romania: up on the mountains
Aro M 461: from 1969 and still rocks
I would love one of this babies

Lunch at Baiului Sheepfold

Everything we were served is BIO, all is produced here, up in the mountains. cheese, pressed cheese, grilled mutton, sausages, other cold cuts, home made bread and above all: the bulz. Bulz is made of polenta mixed with cheese and then grilled. Such a treat!

And of course, everything was  accompanied by lots of wine, boiled plum brandy, cherry brandy. All house made so no chemicals and so welcomed in winter times. We were also served pies and tea/coffee.
We played with the dogs, made a lot of pictures, spoked with the shepherds and had an amazing time.

Sheepfold Romania
Making bulz
Sheepfold lunch Romania
Lunch with a view
Winter off-road safari Romania: meal
All produced in the Sheepfold

The friendliest puppies 

The friendliest puppies
Really friendly when their masters are around!
Sheepfold puppies
Our group trying to make the group picture

Fairy as we were going down 

Going down, I stood up and shot/pictured everything on the way, it was A M A Z I N G. Sunny day, white all around, mountains, fresh air. This are such unique moments that makes you feel so grateful and fortunate. I really enjoyed the whole day and still do remembering and also looking upon the pictures.

Winter off-road safari Romania
Winter off-road safari Romania
Beautiful day!
In the mountains

Going down

Do you fancy this kind of experiences?

I went in this adventure with Escapade Adventure Park, a company that also runs an adventure park in Busteni, Romania, as part of a program developed by the Local Authorities to promote the region.

Tips, what to pack for a Winter escape:

Snowboard pants: the best for the temperatures and so cozy: Burton Women’s Society Pants

Hoodie: I just felt for this one Legendary Whitetails Ladies Outfitter Hoodie

Jacket: Roxy SNOW Junior’s Jetty Printed Snow Jacket

A winter face cream, rich and with SPF:  Geneva with Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Edelweiss Extract and SPF.



Winter off-road safari Romania